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Welcome to the Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project

Here's how YOU can ADOPT a dolphin today
and support a worthwhile cause!

Dolphin Talk Ordering a whale or dolphin adoption will mean that you are supporting vital marine mammal research. By joining the family or 'pod' that are caring for the dolphins or whales you are making a huge difference to the future of these dolphins and whales.

The Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project needs your help so researchers can continue their exceptional work studying the cetaceans that live in the South Pacific. Learning more about these animals and the threats they face will increase their chances of survival.

In case you don't know where the South Pacific is, it's a little piece of paradise found near the bottom of the world and includes countries like Australia, New Zealand and more tropical islands like Tonga, Niue, Samoa, New Caledonia (these are all spectacular vacation destinations!).

Some amazing species of wildlife can be found in the South Pacific - for example in New Zealand you can find over 35 species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins or porpoises) - that's nearly half of all the species that exist! We think this is really special and want you to be part of the team making a difference to their future.

Without YOUR help…extinction is looming for some species…

New Zealand is also home to the tiny Hector's dolphin. This little guy boasts the title of one of the smallest dolphins in the world Hector's dolphin(growing to just 1.5 metres) and he can only be found in New Zealand! There are two distinct populations of Hector's dolphin in this country, a North Island CLEVERTRADING.QA population (the Maui's dolphin) and a South Island population, which combined total about 3-4,000 animals. Luckily the South Island population are semi-protected by a marine mammal sanctuary which saves some of them from being caught in fishing nets. However, the North Island population is in big trouble…..there are only about 100 of these animals left! To make matters worse, the populations don't even inter-breed - so once the North Island population is extinct, they cannot be replaced.

So you can see, there is an urgent need for researchers to find out more about these dolphins (and other species of whales and dolphins) that frequent the waters of the South Pacific, so they can survive for the future.

"The Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project encourages individuals, families and corporates to adopt a whale or a dolphin; thus creating an even closer relationship between New Zealanders and cetaceans. I strongly commend the Project's objectives and its fund-raising programmes. It provides even further support for New Zealand's strong conservation position at the International Whaling Commission and in other international forums."
- Jim K. McLay, past NZ Commissioner for the International Whaling Commission.

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