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Welcome to the Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project


Here is an exciting opportunity to become part of the team saving the irreplaceable - before it's too late.

Humpbacks New Zealand is privileged to have many species of marine mammals roaming our beautiful coastline - some unique to Aotearoa such as the Hector's dolphin and the New Zealand (Hooker's) sea lion.

On going research is a vital link in understanding marine mammals and educating the public on the conservation measures necessary to preserve the populations - ensuring future generations can enjoy this invaluable heritage.

By adopting a whale or dolphin you are directly assisting with marine mammal research and conservation work - AND securing a brighter future for the marine environment and cetaceans worldwide.

For only NZ$45 for a standard adoption, you will receive:

  • Full colour adoption certificate
  • Photograph of your chosen whale or dolphin
  • Biography and sighting map
  • One year's subscription to "Spirits of the Sea" our six monthly newsletter.
Gift, Classroom, Group and Corporate options are also available.

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Choose your favourite dolphin or whale listed below, then open the adoption form:

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Xena is a free-spirited female dusky dolphin who spends her summers exploring the coast of Kaikoura. The many nicks and notches on her dorsal fin maker her easily recogniseable and it is presumed these 'battle scars' come from rough play and fighting with other dolphins. Xena is often referred to as a true princess among dolphins.
Nosey is one of the few very special North Island Hector's dolphins. It is estimated that only 3-4000 Hector's dolphins remain in New Zealand waters - and they can't be found anywhere else! Nosey has a very curious nature and has been known to approach private boats that fish in his area to investigate what they are doing.
Casper is a rare white Southern right whale calf born in winter 1995. However, he is not a true albino as his eye is black (not pink) and he sports a black spotted collar around his neck and a few black dots on his back. Because of his unique colour, when he swims in the sub-Antarctic waters of the Auckland Islands he looks every bit like the cheerful little ghost who gave him his name.
Half Tail (Konga hiku)
Konga hiku is a mature female South Pacific humpback whale who can sometimes be spotted in the warm tropical waters off Tonga during breeding seasons. Sadly, it is thought Half tail may have lost the entire right hand side of her tail fluke by entanglement in drifting fishing gear. However, Half tail's loss does not have seemed to affect her too greatly, as she has since produced two healthy calves.
Elephant Ears
Elephant Ears is a spectacular male sperm whale who regularly leaves Kaikoura whale watching tourists in awe with his sheer magnificence. Seeing his great tail flukes disappearing beneath the waves against a beautiful sunset is a sight to behold - and when you seen Elephant Ears' huge floppy tail flukes you'll understand why he was named 'Elephant Ears'.
Tinkerbell is a graceful female common dolphin who has a one year old calf. They are both seen travelling around the Coromandel Peninsula in a group of about 30 playful dolphins. Tinkerbell's flawless skin and ability to fly effortlessly through the water and perform a full somersault in the air earned her this name.
Bad Jelly
Bad Jelly is a female bottlenose dolphin who is regularly sighted around Paihia. Because her long, tapered dorsal fin is shaped like a witch's hat she was named Bad Jelly, and her calf Dinglemouse was named after the mouse in Bad Jelly the Witch. Local dolphin watching operations often see Bad Jelly and Dinglemouse cruising around the Bay of Islands.

adopt    Click here to adopt your favourite mammal
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