How to deposit money to an online casino? Detail tutorial

At the first stages of acquaintance with online gambling, new players may have questions with how to deposit their money to the online casino. Although in reality, there is nothing complicated. Making a deposit to a gaming establishment can be compared to everyday online purchases or money transfers to other accounts. It is enough to make at least one deposit, and everything will immediately fall into place.

Available methods 

Firs, to start making a deposit to any gaming establishment on the Internet, you need to log in and go to your profile. Next, find the tab “Deposit funds,” “Cashier” or something like that. The entire list will be loaded with the available money entry methods. After clicking on the icon of the desired method, the process of the deposit will begin.

There are the following methods of making a deposit:

  • Money transfer through the bank cashier. On the website of the game resource, you enter the desired amount, after which an invoice is issued. Moving on, you should go to any bank and make a transfer to the specified details with clarification of additional information about the purpose of the transfer. The method is straightforward. But at the same times, it can take up to 5-7 days. 
  • Bank cards line Visa / MasterCard are very convenient way, since it allows you to make a payment in a short time, and the money comes to the account almost instantly. To deposit money using a card, you must fill in the following form fields: 16 digits of the card number, the name, and surname of the owner, the expiration date, and CVV-code, as well as a phone number and/or email. After specifying the deposit amount and clicking on the button, the transfer will begin. To use the card for depositing, it must be open to making Internet payments. If the transfer fails or you have not previously used this service, you need to contact your bank and make the necessary settings. 
  • Various payment systems. This approach is universal, and it is convenient to use it absolutely in every country. The most popular systems include Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard. PayPal is less common in online casinos. 
  • Mobile phone. Money can be deposited from a mobile account. You just need to specify the amount and phone number. This method is relevant all around the world. 
  • And the most current method of depositing is by using bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is convenient to use it, and it allows you to save time. In addition, when using it, much lower commissions are charged than when using bank services. In addition, using Bitcoin, money is withdrawn much faster than in the case of traditional methods.

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